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Moodboard: Wolf Alice

This week on PlanetNotion, we’re offering a selection of the hottest new acts on the festival circuit this year the chance to shout about the things they love. From a playlist of Syron‘s festival bangers to a run-through of all the weird and wonderful things that make Mausi tick, all of these features were originally featured in the digital edition of our Summer Festival Guide, which you can download for free on iPad, here, and Windows 8, here. Here, we offer up a run-through of Wolf Alice‘s greatest inspirations; from The Simpsons to Justice.

With their fuzz-laden, rapier-witted singles ‘Bros’ and ‘Fluffy’ entertaining the Internet – and live circuit – to no end right now, it’d be easy to say we know all about what London’s Wolf Alice have to offer. But, how well do really know the combustive four-piece? From a deep-seated love of The Simpsons to the mentors who’ve made them what they are, here’s the band’s guide to what makes them the highly loveable people they are today.

The Simpsons

Ellie: “I would love to be a member of The Simpsons. They have so much fun and a whole lotta love.”

Queens of the Stone Age

Theo: “I am a huge fan girl. I remember my friend showing me Rated R when I was about twelve and listening to Nick Oliveri singing ‘Auto Pilot‘, it blew my mind. Everything they do is great and every album differs so much.”


Joff: “He wears ripped clothes, smells bad and has trouble playing the bass but none of that stuff seems to bother him. He’s just a happy go lucky guy.”

Holloway Road

Ellie: “Apparently it’s the armpit of London but I’ve lived there forever and it’s way more than that. It’s a really unpretentious gem of a place with the best kebab shop ever.”

A Cross the Universe

Theo: “It’s a documentary about one of Justice’s early mega tours. Their tour manager is constantly attaining firearms, they try and set someone on fire and it’s just about the most rock ‘n’ roll thing I have ever seen (unless it’s all staged, then I have had a huge mare). Xavier and Gaspard are also genius names.”

Dave Danger

Joel: “My drum mentor. My drum instructor. My hero.”

John Steinbeck

Joff: “East of Eden is the best book in the world. I love John Steinbeck and he’s also got a great ‘tache to boot.”

Vocal Harmonies

Joel: “I think because I was brought up on the Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley and Simon & Garfunkel, I have a weird addiction to vocal harmonies. Ellie is beyond dope when it comes to playing around with vocals in the studio too.  When writing, I always think the most important things are a huge rhythm and a vocal hook that won’t leave your brain; I think all the stuff Theo and Joff do on the guitar and bass is a bit pointless really.”

- Alex Cull

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