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BEAUTIFY: Editor’s Picks

This week, our Beauty Editor Emma Hoareau is picking her favourite lip colours of the season…

It may seem like an easy decision on the outside, but choosing a lip colour- whether it be to buy, to wear or to give- is a decision I have always found rather hard. I was always amazed by a close friend who could pull off any colour, any day and wondered why I was never so bold. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I became ‘brave’ enough to wear a lipstick you could actually see in the day time (more on that one later).

The term ‘lipstick’ doesn’t quite cut it anymore, either. Things have evolved, guys- and the term ‘lip pencil’ doesn’t mean an awful colour that stays on longer than your lipstick does to give you the ultimate trashy look. When Clinique brought out their Chubby Sticks- shit hit the fan. And soon after, NARS provided us with the Satin Lip Pencil. And this is where we will stay today. With the easiest ever application- the pencil is soft enough to melt in like a lipstick, and is easily blended into the lips for a less severe look. I always dab a couple dots of colour and blend the rest in with my finger to give a natural, everyday look.

My new favourite colour from NARS? Luxembourg. A tint of deep orange that can take you from summer to Autumn in the swoosh of an application.



NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg, £17.50

But do try the other 12 colours…



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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