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New Track: Hejira – ‘Litmus Test’

There’s an interesting dichotomy at work in ‘Litmus Test’: the second single to be unveiled from London four-piece Hejira‘s debut album, Prayer Before Birth. It is at once both a stark, vocal-led exorcism and a churning, groaning dirge; finding an unwashed beauty in either guise. Ruled by sheets of glassy guitars, ever-so-slightly discordant flutters of melody and tumbling, primal drums, listening to ‘Litmus Test’ is almost like taking a time machine back to a circa ’96 Chicago ruled by Touch & Go and Quarterstick. That is, were Rodan, Tortoise or The Shipping News to have Matthew Herbert behind the desk, which, oh, Hejira most certainly do.

- Alex Cull

Prayer Before Birth is available from October 21 on Accidental Records.

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