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Preview: Shinerock London luxury scarves

This winter, luxury scarf label Shinerock London will release their very first (awesome) collection, and we’ve got a preview right now.

Enchanted Forest

Taking inspiration from nature and fantasy, the contemporary scarf designs add a touch of whimsy and playful magic to anyone’s style. Shinerock London pride themselves on creating luxury items and use only the best quality materials available, including 100% silk and cashmere.

Shinerock London Box

Mixing old design techniques together with new, Shinerock London’s scarves contain watercolour paintings, hand-drawings and digital vector drawings, all used to create their range of intricately detailed and beautiful scarves.

The Chase

Catherine Shinerock is the Designer and Creative Director for Shinerock London and claims that she takes inspiration from her own experiences and the experience of living in London: “Shinerock London came about as a result of all my life’s experiences as well as my passion for art and fashion. My hope is that this first collection will be the starting point for a full range of women’s wear and a brand that represents my own dreams, my passion and the essence of London which has been the focal point if my life.”


Further designs and more information can be found on the Shinerock London website. The full range of Shinerock London’s first collection is due to be released this November/December.

Luke Langlands

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