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MPFree: Lucy Claire – Mildew (Winter Son Remix)

On his reworking of neo-classicist composer Lucy Claire‘s ‘Mildew’, Mancunian producer – and one-half of Ghosting SeasonWinter Son (aka Thomas Ragsdale) takes the original’s moonlit chords and sets them to a distant beat; one that will never let you forget what time of night it is. Like the ticktock of an old grandfather clock, Ragsdale’s refined rhythms take Claire’s piano arrangements out of stasis – setting them on a stumbled trajectory towards a finishing line that never quite emerges from the ether. As sweeps of sustained strings enter towards the track’s finale, there’s a sense of closure, sure; but you’ll certainly want to revisit ‘Mildew”s lonely hallways for further answers.

Winter Son’s remix of ‘Mildew’ is available for free download below, via Soundcloud.

- Alex Cull

Lucy Claire’s Suite EP – which includes ‘Mildew’ – is available from August 19 on This Is It Forever.

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