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Track Premiere: Only Girl – ‘Mountain’

There are some things in life you just cannot deny. Whether that be Darwin’s theory of evolution or the fact that ‘Roar‘ completely trumps ‘Applause‘, there are always going to be times where you’re thrown indisputable facts. On that note, here’s one about London songstress Only Girl, aka Ellen Murphy: her voice is untouchable.

From the off, ‘Mountain’ – the first of a slew of new tracks expected from Only Girl – is dominated by Murphy’s soaring, vibrant vocal lines. As her flawless falsetto rises and falls above a stark backdrop of droning piano chords and understated beats, it’s perfectly clear who’s running the show here. Undeniable pop brilliance, and just a bit left-of-centre; exactly the way we like it.

- Alex Cull

Photo: Sarah Vo

NB: The above views on the ‘Roar’/'Applause’ debate are those of the writer and not necessarily representative of PlanetNotion.


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