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MPFree: Josep – ‘Dancing’

Finding itself in a neon-tinted hinterland between 80s electro-pop and poly-rhythmic afro funk, ‘Dancing’ – the second solo single from Spanish producer/vocalist and Stand Up Against Heart Crime member, Josep – is a real hip-shaking treat; groovesome, slick and ready to strut.

Here, against beats boundless with swagger, Josep appears as that most assured of creatures: the dancefloor predator. You can practically feel his fixated stare burning holes from the far end of the bar as he purrs, “Baby, let’s go dancing/listen, baby, let’s get nasty.” Sensuous, sleek and with more bravado – alcohol-induced or not – than your average barfly, ‘Dancing’ is one for those glorious nights when your stride just can’t be broken.

Below, you can stream or download ‘Dancing’ courtesy of TAPE Records.

- Alex Cull

Josep takes to the stage this Saturday (Aug 24) at Catch. Head here for further information.

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