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New Track: Bondax – Giving It All (Friend Within remix)

What a stonker we have today for you here. The elusive and mysterious Friend Within remixing one of the brightest acts in dance music, Bondax. Friend Within has had his way with Bondax’s disco-dancefloor banger Giving It All. This is like if your favourite ever meal started dating your favourite drink ever and they had a baby. This is that baby.

Holding onto the same heart and soul that all Friend Within tracks possess whilst also retaining Bondax’s exuberant and fun core, Giving It All (Friend Within remix) looks over the shoulder of the dance timeline to the epic-house monster keyboard riffs of the 90s whilst resolutely running forward. After a lush opening the listener is blown away with a bouncy and holistic bridge, giving away just enough thump to keep swaying before the bombastic riff kicks off again.

Bondax’s Giving It All is released 22nd September through Relentless, with the duo set for a UK tour in October. Friend Within release the long-awaited The Renegade on 13th October.

- Luke Langlands

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