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Where Is Your Car From?

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the badge of your car? Is your MINI as British as the Queen? Or what your Jeep might have in common with a Fiat? The world of the car industry is quite an incestuous one, and though it’s not something we often chat about her on PN, it’s something that we keep an eye on, like all creative industries. There’s a lot of history to car companies – did you know for example that MINI is owned by BMW? Land Rover is owned by Indian conglomerate Tata? Jeep is owned by Fiat? VW and Skoda are basically the same company? There’s all sorts of complex links that tie together the industry – but now the good folks over at Money Supermarket have unravelled the complex web of hatches, matches and dispatches, with a rather interesting little interactive infographic, that drops in a bit of history about each firm along the way. If you;re looking for some top pub facts for this evening, then look no further.

Check out the infographic (and compare your car insurance if you’re that way inclined) here.

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