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Moodboard: Scott Hutchinson (Frightened Rabbit)

With their new EP ‘The Woodpile’ set for release September 2nd, Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson – one of Scotland’s finest creative minds – spoke to PlanetNotion about his favourite and most inspirational things of late…

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


Quite simply the finest album I’ve ever heard. I’m constantly returning to this record for inspiration and every single time I hear something new. Stunning.

Crow by Ted Hughes


A collection of poems by one of Britain’s finest poets, this book slings the reader between lines of brutality and beauty. Hughes has been a massive influence on my writing for years now.

Woody Allen

woody allen

The Great Anxietor. Woody Allen has always found humour in exposing his flaws and I suppose I’ve often done something similar within my songs. For those who have only seen his films, I’d recommend delving into his stand-up and written work too.

Ed Ruscha


I love the combination of banality and grandeur in Ruscha’s paintings, and again, he’s not afraid to be funny. I really loathe art that takes itself too seriously. It is possible make serious work which is not overbearingly earnest, as Ruscha proves.



I think they’re the best British band working at this time. The new record is amazing, as is the live show. It’s weird, because I absolutely hated their first record and yet slowly but surely they’ve become one of my favourite bands of the past 5 years.

Chris Ware

chris ware

A brilliant graphic novelist from Chicago, he uses the comic strip template to tell sad stories of American suburbia. The volume of his output still astounds me, as the detail and draughtsmanship in every single frame is unbelievable. His new collection ‘Building Stories’ is mind bogglingly good.

Stewart Lee

stewart lee

Even though I do occasionally enjoy a pear cider on a hot afternoon, this is not what the illustration is intended to convey. For anyone who is a fan of the stand-up comedian Stewart Lee (and by golly, you all should be), this will serve as a reminder of one of his finest moments. To find out what it’s all about, have a watch of his show ‘If You Prefer A Milder Comedian…’

One of my absolute heroes.

Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

neutral milk hotel

Alright, I didn’t draw this one but it was etched on my arm by my good friend TJ of Nobody’s Hero Tattoo in Boise, Idaho. It’s an image from the artwork held within the NMH record sleeve. It’s probably not news to anyone that I love this band, but I thought I’d show off TJ’s great work an my hairy auld arm anyway.



I bloody love a good ampersand, me. As a fan of typography, this symbol represents a wonderful balance to me and is easily the most varied and interesting aspect of any typeface. Check out 365 (or 300&65) of the fuckers at this excellent tumblr site.



One of the darkest, funniest films I’ve seen in a long time, Sightseers is a brilliantly bloody British comedy. It’s all so familiar to anyone who has ever spent time in our green and pleasant land, which makes the brutality all the more horrifying. Seek it out!

As well as the release of their new EP, Frightened Rabbit are undergoing a full UK tour in November and supporting The National in the US during September.

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