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Notion X Best Fit Present: Neon Jungle – ‘Trouble’ (Acoustic Version)

Towards the tail-end of last week, our friends over at The Line of Best Fit premiered a stunning session take on Lorde‘s breakout track ‘Royals‘ performed by fast-rising – and frighteningly young – pop four-piece Neon Jungle. Recorded as part of the Notion X Best Fit sessions – which aim to merge Best Fit’s brilliance in all manner of music-related video content with our heightened insight on the worlds of fashion and pop – suffice to say it left us all a bit mesmerised.

Today, it’s our pleasure to bring you the second installment of our time with the Neon Jungle girls: a bright and punchy acoustic rendition of the quartet’s debut single ‘Trouble‘. Freeing itself of the original’s club-ready warble and blaring synths, this re-imagining strips the track back to its crisp, immaculately written core. In the process, ‘Trouble”s heart, soul and nuance are all brought out in abundance; the result is as refreshing as strawberry daiquiris on a summer’s afternoon and twice as potent.

- Alex Cull

Neon Jungle’s forthcoming Trouble EP is available from September 1 on Sony. You can pre-order it here.

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