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Guest Playlist: ForteBowie

Fresh from a particularly noteworthy hook-up with FTSE on ‘St. Tropez‘, it’s all kicking off in the world of Atlanta-born rapper, vocalist and producer, ForteBowie. With a deluxe version of his EP, Vice Haus, out early next month and a new single in the guise of ‘Gucci Mayne’, the man himself is set to head over to the UK for a Radio 1 session with FTSE very soon. We asked him to produce a playlist of the British tracks that would accompany him on his first visit to our shores; the result is a series of classics that encapsulate the identity of UK pop music over the last three decades.

1. Sade – ‘Bullet Proof Soul’

“Sade is one of my biggest influences in music. She makes singing about love so epic and in no way, shape or form, corny. I can’t really pick my favorite Sade song but this is the song I’ve been really connecting to lately. Just amazing.”

2. Coldplay – ‘Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall’

“I can’t pick my favorite Coldplay song. That’s way too hard. Been a fan of them since the 5th grade when my teacher played ‘Yellow‘ in class during silent reading time. I walked from my desk to hers just to ask who that was. She told me to go back to my seat or I was going to the office but luckily the DJ said it at the end. Love their music.”

3. Radiohead – ‘Everything In Its Right Place’

“Radiohead’s Kid A is one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard in my life. I used to hear all the talk and buzz about them when I was younger. As I got older I started to understand. This song is like everything I’ve ever wanted to do in music. Thom Yorke always delivers. Always.”

4. The Police – ‘King of Pain’

“Big Police fan. Amazing melodies and amazing songwriting. Sting’s voice just tops it off. And Stewart Copeland is one of the best drummers live. (I’ve never seen it in person unfortunately. Only on YouTube.)”

5. Phil Collins – ‘Take Me Home’

“This song is just perfect. I love Phil Collins. He molded me as a artist as far as vulnerability goes. His voice is just out of this world. This song makes me want to go to a farm in Ireland and stand on the tallest hill and sing at the top of my lungs.”

6. Tears For Fears – ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

“I don’t want to make this an 80s throwback jam playlist but this is my favorite song of all-time. The subject matter is so relevant and always will be. The song is just all the way right. From the guitar licks, to the way the instruments are panned. The reverb… Man, I don’t want to get technical but this song just makes me feel something EVERY time I hear it.”

7. Spice Girls – ’2 Become 1′

“Anybody who says they didn’t listen to the Spice Girls is a liar. Period, bruh. I’m sorry this song is hard. Period. (The orchestral version is like some movie shit).”

8. Craig David – ‘Fill Me In’

“My introduction to 2-Step/Garage. Being from Atlanta, I kind of never heard anything like this as far as production. It was like house but it wasn’t; like drum and bass, but it wasn’t. It kind of resembled RnB at the time but it wasn’t that either. The cadence in the verses was so dope to me and the hook was just amazing. The whole Born to Do It album really resonated with me.”

9. Friendly Fires – ‘Kiss of Life’

“One of my favorite bands ever. Both albums were amazing. The Pala album sounds like a movie. The drums and rhythms are so infectious. A big influence on me and the lead singer is a beast on those dance moves.”

10. Disclosure – ‘Defeated No More’ (Feat. Edward MacFarlane)

“I love the whole Disclosure album. Amazing. And you can’t go wrong with the lead singer of Friendly Fires.”

- Alex Cull

ForteBowie’s Vice Haus:Deluxe is available from September 9.

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