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Preview: Farah Heritage AW13

Using the editorial Dark Science, Farah’s AW13 looks to 1950s Americana and their Japanese sub-genres for inspiration. Clean and loose-fitting pieces are definitely in, paired along with wider and chunky finishing touches. Throw those drainpipes out the window, you ‘aint going to need them anymore.


There’s more than a hint at geek-chic but it isn’t enough to become cliched in a ‘we’ve already been here’ feeling. The matted gloss of the bright rain macs give a playful and contrasting effect to the turtle-necked jumpers and blazers, which have been completely reworked into a loose jacket hybrid.


We couldn’t be loving this brightly-coloured horizontal jumper more if we tried. At first glance it’s tried-and-tested, yet a deeper look shows the piece’s lovely intricate details and played-down casual-yet-smart appearence that will match any occasion from popping to the shops to swanky dinner. The layering that Farah offers is wonderful and a real treat for the chillier months, exhibited perfectly with the strong palette in the three-tiered outfit that’s tweed-esc but certainly not frumpy or uppity. If we owned these clothes we’d be begging for the winter months.


The full Farah Heritage AW13 collection is now launched, and can be found on their website.

- Luke Langlands

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