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Introducing: The Preatures

Austrailia’s best export this year seems destined to be The Preatures as everyone is falling in love with their debut EP’s lead track ’Is This How You Feel?’

The Preatures have created a gorgeous and foolproof track that gives us goosebump-led recollections of bands as diverse as The Pretenders, Squeeze and Metronomy. ‘Is This How You Feel?’ is clean, calm and effortlessly cool. Interjecting guitar pierces the track in a jarring and languid fashion, hitting the sweet spot of being relaxed but not limp or apathetic – a difficult skill in a soundscape as sparse as this – whilst palm-muted bass thumps and plumps alongside the restrained but not boring vocals of Isabella Manfredi. ‘Is This How You Feel?’ takes the very best of the recent 70s pop revival and adds a 21st century bark.

The Preatures’ debut EP ‘Is This How You Feel?’ is available now through Universal Australia. The band are poised for UK gigs in October.

- Luke Langlands

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