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Preview: Rains AW13

New Danish designers Rains has continued the Nordic resurgence of AW13, with their gorgeous raincoats making us get down on our knees and beg for rain.


Created in mind of the busy professional who wants to appear stylish yet understated, the rainwear takes the pragmatic needs of a waterproof and durable coat whilst throwing away any notion of being bulky or unwieldy. Rains would suit any outdoor situation, from plush Autumn works event to camping.


We need it to rain. A lot. Monsoon-style. Who cares about the sun when you can rock up the highstreet wearing one of these absolute beauties? The distinct lines and patterns are a joy to behold, assuring confidence and constant determination. Adding diagonal pockets to the rainwear is a thing of absolute genius, suggesting a playful and dynamic persona rather than risking an old-man’s trench coat vibe.

Rains has stockings online and instore, including: Present London, Urban OutfittersCoggles and Hypebeast

- Luke Langlands

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