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Moodboard: The Other Tribe

Psychedelic five-piece The Other Tribe have been dominating the festival season this summer. They tell us about their favourite things and what makes them tick.

Bristol’s Bear Pit

bear pit

Miles: Only a city as wonderful as Bristol would take a pedestrian underpass and turn it into one of the best hangouts around, there is always something to amaze down there, be it art, music, or delicious street food, it’s almost impossible to walk through without seeing something that will inspire you or make you smile. Making something out of nothing.

Vintage Goodness


Alex: Using mainly analogue equipment in the studio has been a dream. This is our synth of choice since being in with Mark Ralph (Hot Natured, Hot Chip) doing additional production. We have been using analogue synths on every completed song. The warmest and fattest sound I’ve heard.

Beat Herder

beat herder

Miles: They were one of the first big festivals to book us a few years ago, it was the first time we had been given AAA passes at a festival and we got to watch Simian Mobile Disco’s headline set from the back of the stage, watching them create their music live and seeing how that moved a crowd left our mouths watering…

The Chemical Brothers

 chemical brothers

James: We don’t know where we’d be if these two men didn’t exist, they hit the nail on the head with every single tune, and are often found soundtracking our journey to the next show, perfect for the in-van warm ups (Big fish, little fish, cardboard box).

Cable Ties

cable ties

Miles: I don’t quite know why, but cable ties really do it for me. Alex will probably disagree due to his irrational love of tape, but cable ties are so much better. I cut myself working on a stage the other day and used a cable tie and some tissue as a plaster, can’t say they’d make a great partner though, they get way too attached to you until the point that you can’t take it anymore and you’ve got to cut them off altogether.

The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts


Alex: I love absolutely everything written by Louis de Bernières, and this is my favourite. It is based in a fictional country in South America which is an amalgamation of various Latin American countries, merging their fascinating histories together. It follows many incredible characters, including an Inca Indian named Aurelio, whose paths collide and interweave. It has been a huge source of inspiration for me for many of our songs.

Dojo Lounge, Bristol


Ollie: Dojo is a small club in Bristol where Alex and I met due to a Mohawk-related incident. In fact we pretty much all met in this same venue due to our shared love of dance music (and of course Miles’ uncompromising passion for night club bar work), every week we were drawn back to this den of iniquity like moths to a flame.



Max: We love food, and if we had to pick a favourite, bacon is the clear winner. We even indulged in the ‘Baconbury rule’ in which all food at Glastonbury had to contain bacon. The more obscure your meal became, the better you did. Bacon donuts anyone?


hot creations

Ollie: This is without doubt my favourite record label at the moment and I know most of the others in the band would agree. It is home to some of the most inspirational and exciting dance producers around at the moment such as Benoit and Sergio, Lee Foss, Jamie Jones and Ali Love. As well as putting out some banging records they also put on some incredible nights

Mars Milk


Miles: After a big party and very little sleep, Mars Milk can be as comforting as sharing a bubble bath with Cara Delevigne whilst being read Winnie the Pooh stories by Morgan Freeman.



James: A timeless band that have been there and done that, and a hell of a lot more. These guys were and still are incredible musicians and performers and I try and put a little bit of Steve Tyler into everything I do, and I like to feel everyone else does the same, whether they know it or not. Does make my sandwiches taste funny though…

Plastikman – Spastik


Miles: This is one of the first dance tunes I ever listened to. Something about the way all those different rhythms just build and drop over that pounding 4-4 beat was entrancing. Such a simple concept, but it must have taken so long to write, but it definitely gave me a thirst for percussion that will never go away….

The Other Tribe’s ‘My Girl’ is released on 29th September on Relentless/Sony.

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