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John Talabot to mix !K7′s new DJ-Kicks Mix

Following unanimous praise for his debut album Ƒin and an extensive touring schedule, Barcelona’s John Talabot is set to follow in the footsteps of Carl Craig, Tiga and Kode 9 by mixing !K7′s upcoming DJ-Kicks Mix.

Claiming that he ‘wanted to do something special’, Talabot’s mix contains extensive nods to his home city and takes DJ-Kicks Mix back to its roots: ‘“They are really obscure old records..it’s hard to buy them on vinyl and you can’t really get them digitally. So putting them on this mix is like rescuing an old vinyl record. I’ve had both those records for ten years and I listen to them a lot.’

As well as obscure classics and tracks from his early DJ sets, Talabot has included two original new tracks for the mix. ‘Without You’ is a track recorded during Ƒin sessions and ‘Sideral’ a collaboration with Alex Bowman.

Talabot’s DJ-Kicks is released October 29th.

- Luke Langlands

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