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Get Hyped: The Ray-Ban Envision Blow Up Party is Coming!

Over the past few months, you’ve probably come across Ray-Ban’s Envision Series (and if not, *where* have you been?). Here’s a quick reminder: Ray-Ban have been scouring the world for people with a bit of vision – those embarking on exciting, previously-unseen creative projects, from attempts to launch private spacecraft to creating a new photography community – with the aim of making one creative’s dream per country come true.

In the UK, the winner is Joel Duxbury, who sums up his idea thus “a Ray-Ban adult bouncy castle, with a crazy gig on the other side.” Sounds like our cuppa tea. In order to realise this, Ray-Ban are hooking Joel up with the fabulous designer, illustrator and art director Kate Moross – and they’ve already got a date for your diary: 19th September. At Oval Space, Bethnal Green, London, the inflatable-filled installation is sure to be a pretty unmissable thing – if only for the sheer craziness of the project – but to cap it off, will also showcase very special guests and Krystal Klear on the night.

If you’re anything like us, your interest will have been piqued by this pretty off-the-wall idea – right? So head over to the website EnvisionBlowUp.Ray-Ban.com to register for tickets, and keep your eyes peeled to Twitter on the 13th September (when the headline artist will be revealed), and then you will have the chance to unlock special entry to the event itself. We literally cannot wait to see how this unfolds – it’s gonna blow up (sorry, just had to get a pun in there)!




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- Seb Law


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