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Heels on Wheels

This Autumn, Pitango Bikes is launching a female-only urban bike course that is designed to make cycling more accessible and less intimidating to women nervous about riding on London’s busy roads.

With current statistics showing that females only make up one quarter of regular cyclists in England, Pitango decided to conduct their own survey to discover women’s attitudes towards cycling in the capital. They found that 67% of the female respondents didn’t own a bike because they are too scared, whilst 72% of them wouldn’t know how to fix their bike if parts of it were broken.

In response to this, Pitango Bike’s 90 minute workshop run by a female coach will offer practical answers and honest advice with the aim to build the skills necessary to overcome any daunting aspects of urban cycling, such as negotiating vehicles, aggressive motorists and bike lanes in the midst of city traffic. The course will focus on everything from bike maintenance to road safety, cycling culture to confidence building, repairing a flat tire to pedaling in a skirt.  Attendants of all ability levels will also be given skills to keep their bike running in good condition, saving them unnecessary money on services and minor repairs in the future.

Launched this September, the first three weeks are now booked up and the next available workshop will take place on Saturday 28th September 2013 in Archway, Islington. In response to this success, Pitango will now be running workshops on Saturdays throughout October 2013.

But what’s the good in knowing how to navigate the busy roads of the city if you don’t have the right bike to help you find your way?

In a world of uniformity and disposable fast fashion, Pitango Bikes are pioneering a return to beautifully crafted, high quality, stylishly designed bespoke bikes for men and women. Launched by three young London-based entrepreneurs and ‘fixie’ fans, Pitango’s collection of vibrant and elegant bikes offers an alternative to clunky cycles in murky colours.

Light hearted and fun, the workshops will also include the obligatory trip to a hipster cycling café and a tutorial on how to avoid sacrificing fashion, style or safety when riding a bike.

-Charlie Clarkson

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