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Moodboard: Let the Machines Do the Work

With the video for their groovesome ‘Let Me Be the One‘ having already racked up an impressive 80k views on YouTube, Brighton four-piece Let the Machines Do the Work have been riding the crest of a hype-wave this summer. As we approach the release of the quartet’s debut EP – also titled Let Me Be the One – this month on Champion, it’s a safe bet that we haven’t heard the last of these guys yet.

Spurred onward by rolling basslines, crisp beats and smouldering vocals, ‘Let Me Be the One’ is a perfect end-of-summer anthem; one that’s bound to get under your skin as you soak up those last few rays and make the most of those final al fresco pints. In turn, we decided to return the favour and wriggle under their skin, finding out just what makes these guys tick: a list that includes Breaking Bad, Björk and, who else, Martin Strel.

Below, you can check out ‘My Heart’, the latest track unveiled from the Let Me Be the One EP:

1. Walter White


“Everyone knows Breaking Bad is fucking awesome but the dedication to serious story writing and intricate ideas in the series inspires the hell out of us. Music, film, etc., it’s all the same really. If we could get anywhere near the depth Vince Gilligan has done with this story, we are on the right track.”

2. The Ramones

“Not a style reference, but we love the way these guys just got on and did their thing. Pure passion and song writing and dedication to what they do. If you’ve ever listened to them properly, you’ll know what we mean!”

3. Bloggers

“All those people out there that are proper – and we mean “proper” – music fans, that take time over their blogs for pure passion. You can tell when people are getting down their passion in music on paper just for them.”

4. The Roland SH101

“The Roland SH101 particularly but anything analogue. They colour our music with pure circuitry and dirt with their erratic behaviour.”

5. Classic Producers

“Producers like Bill Laswell (pictured) make it an art form with the processes they go through to achieve their outcome. I like the fact it might take you an hour to set something up for a few seconds of outcome; it gives you a sense of achievement.”

6. Björk

“At Bestival 2010, her show was f••king awesome as far as an experience is concerned. Yeah, she makes great songs, but what she really knows how to do is take you into her world, and she’s bold as hell about it too. Definitely an influence on how we want to approach our live presence. Take the audience on a journey, not just rock up and play some tunes!”

7. Bestival

“I know it’s “old” now but it’s still rocking. Rob’s whole ethos is right up our street. It’s about seriously good music but you gotta know how to have fun with it. At the end of the day, the game is entertainment.”

8. Pirate Radio

“For the passion of people getting up off their arse and just doing it!”

9. Martin Strel (Big River Man)

“This guy is an unbelievable legend. He’s swam the Danube, the Mississippi, the Yangtze and the Amazon! He did this all whilst being overweight and off his head on Jamesons. He’s that “put your mind to it you can do anything” guy. If you haven’t seen Big River Man – go get it!”

- Alex Cull

The Let Me Be the One EP is out September 30 on Champion.

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