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BOTW Moodboard: Gang Colours

To finish this past week we’ve spent getting to know Will Ozanne – aka Gang Colours – all over again on the eve of his second album, Invisible In Your City, seeing release, the Hampshire-based producer has put together a moodboard of the various contraptions and everyday items that fuel his music. From the pianos and keyboards that have been so precious to him over the years through to the books and paintings that continue to inspire him, these are the invaluable assets that have led the way to Invisible In Your City.

You can stream Invisible In Your City in full below:

1. Casio CZ-1000

“This elegant fox has got me into and out of many sticky situations. I’m forever grateful for its cunning in the face of simplicity.”

2. Coffee + Doughnuts

“When I’m in the studio, these are the edible treats I desire to ignite some kind of motivation. Though it can sometimes end up with me replying to emails in an overly in-depth, vague and nonsensical way. Regardless of these slightly unfavorable side effects, it’s a worthy buzz.”

3. Headphones

“After a hard year of destroying headphones after headphones (probably because I had a habit of falling asleep in them), I was recommended these ones and I haven’t looked back. I kept thinking I had to get the best quality headphones so I could monitor my tunes accurately, but then I realized I’ve got proper monitors to do that job, so I just do a lot of track arranging, DJing and general listening in these badboy bargain cans (60 quid).”

4. PicassoThree Musicians

“I have a print of this image up in my studio, which I desperately gaze into sometimes in moments of low inspiration. It’s so bold and quirky and somehow represents qualities that I often try to emulate in my own artistry. It’s always inspiring and ultimately it’s just nice to have something covering a beige wall.”

5. Anthony KiedisScar Tissue

“Being a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I was fascinated to hear his story. And It was the first book in a long time that truly captured me, I was having that can’t-put-it-down feeling which I hadn’t ever really experienced before. What I especially liked about this book was how he put entire song lyrics in there, whilst discussing the meaning and the time in which it was written. I think it came at the right time for me as I was heavily into learning more about the craft of songwriting when I first went about reading this book.”

6. The StreetsThe Story of the Streets (Audiobook)

“While we’re on a book theme, this is something I invested in recently. It was my first venture into audiobookery and for my money it was a very wise investment. Mike Skinner was a big influence on making my mind realise that a musical path was the one that I desired. So to hear his story, voiced by him, was almost an album in itself, due to his already near spoken-word style. I was surprised with how much I could relate to his story, which was oddly reassuring in some way and just generally a pretty fascinating listen.”

7. Piano

“The piano has been sitting in my home for a long time. So psychologically, I probably relate to home whenever I see or touch one. But that’s something I’ve just made up really. The truth is that it’s a very important part of how I represent myself musically and spiritually to me and to the world. Plus I love to noodle whenever I can – keeps the fingers in shape.”

8. Mic

“I currently have a AKG c141 in my possession to record all my sins. And it does the job very adequately for me right now, especially as I’ve taken a greater interest in the recording process in the last few years. In fact, I’m looking to get another one to see what recording in stereo can do for me!”

9. The Sopranos
9. Soprano (Notion) 1

“Everyone needs an escape, and mine usually comes in the shape of Tony Soprano. It’s something me and my old man can watch together too. Need I say more.”

10. National Rail Card Ticket Holder Thing

“I’m clearly running out of ideas here. Maybe I need some coffee. But, this thing is really useful. Before attaining this simple sleeve for my train tickets, I would relentlessly lose my ticket four minutes after putting it into my pocket. This keeps them together and safe. Also, if you get the technique right you can flash it to the train ticket person in an L.A. detective kind of way.”

- Alex Cull

Invisible In Your City is available from September 16 on Brownswood Recordings. You can pre-order it here.

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