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Levi's Modern Frontier - September 2013 - Photographed by Tom Bunning for Levi's UK

Take a Journey to the Modern Frontier

An enigmatic and exciting prospect looms on the horizon, inspired by their groundbreaking Station to Station project in the US and born in the melded minds of three of the country’s best creatives: Levi’s have laid down the challenge for them to take us on A Journey to the Modern Frontier in a one-off immersive experience – and they want your help too.

Your Frontiersmen on this journey are Koreless, Ghostpoet and Alex Turvey. The first, Koreless, is one of the most exceptional electronic boundary pushers in music today – his track ‘Sun’ being one of the most revelatory songs of the year, a washed out epiphany in noise. The writer and musician Ghostpoet is celebrated for his unique, tactile lyricism; and the trio is completed by Alex Turvey, the artist/director with luscious sensibility and vision. Together, they’ll be collaborating this month and next to answer the question ‘What moves you?’ – an investigation into the modern frontier and what motivates the urge to create, exploring today’s pioneering spirit.

It’s an exceptional trio of great, boundary pushing talents with a perfect cross-over in media: the sonic sublime of Koreless; linguistic gymnastics of Ghostpoet; and magnificent visuals from Alex Turvey. The torch-passing collaboration will see Ghostpoet write the words, which will be passed on to Koreless to compose music. Alex Turvey will then create an audio-visual piece to complement it.

These endeavours will culminate in a one-off, free to attend show in London on the 9th October, orchestrated by Turvey; what form it will take, only they know, but given their credentials it’s sure to be incredible. Levi’s will be side by side the whole way, documenting the process and final results of this artistic journey, for a unique two part documentary to drop around the event at www.levi.com/makeourmark

Throughout the project they’ll be looking for inspiration and assistance from all of us, online. Ask yourself, ‘What moves you?’ and share it with them through music and imagery on Instagram and SoundCloud through the hashtags #makeourmark #moves. Your words, images and video will filter into a larger global project, creating a vast picture of the creative community at large. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something bigger and something ambitious. We’ll see you there, at the Frontier, in October.


And here are the chaps, below! From top to bottom: Alex Turvey; Koreless; Ghostpoet.

Alex Turvey




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