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Breaking News: Wiley Actually Turned up to Something

Hey! Guess What? Wiley ACTUALLY managed to turn up to something! This might have something to do with not having to perform in a muddy field and instead, spend the day in a BBC 1XTra studio. Either way, Wiley arrived and a documentary was made. *praises the grime gods*

The Story Of Wiley will be aired on BBC 1Xtra at 21.00 and features a host of interviews with Wretch 32, Terror Danjah, Sian Anderson, Scrufizzer, Jamal Edwards, Bushkin (Heartless Crew), Manga, DJ Slimzee, DJ Target and more.

Here is a video of Wiley being Wiley:

Just in case you you are still finding it difficult to believe, here are a couple of trademark Wiley quotes taken from the interview:

Wiley On East London – “I have sat in other parts of the UK and written bars which people were not hearing and thought ‘Why aren’t people hearing this’… I come home and the first thing I do people hear it… that is the magic of this place.”

Read: I think what Wiley is trying to say here is that A LOT of people know him in ‘Bow E3′  and thus, he music is widespread.

Wiley On Dizzee – “Dizzee was the first kid I knew that was famous – he is the reason why Grime is here, but he is not the reason why people do it.”

Read: Big up Dizzee but he isn’t all that (sly backhanded comment).

Wiley on Grime: “We are one scene in the overground, no matter what you say but maybe we need to act like it. We don’t need to be best friends but acknowledge that we are on unit together.”

Read: Heroic half-time speech attempting to unite the Grime scene as one, as this is the only way forward. Grime on 3.

- James Embiricos

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