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BEAUTIFY: Modern Muse

It’s a conflict we all encounter; the struggle between being soft and feminine yet powerful and individual. The two sides seem to – generally speaking – contradict one another, and on the rare occasion you inhabit both- it’s a pretty special day. This was the inspiration for the new Estée Lauder scent, Modern Muse. It’s a take on the modern woman, who has a busy and dynamic life, but still wants to convey her youthful and feminine side.


Perfumes are normally created on three accords- top notes, middle notes and base notes. This is not. Only two sides to the fragrance- an innovative ‘dual-impression’ -  are needed to turn the story of creative tension and bold contradictions into a fragrance. One side is the Sparkling Jasmine, full of honeysuckle nectar, dewy petals and the jasmine absolute; no prizes for guessing this is the girlie part of the equation. The other accord comes in the form of Sleek Woods, muskier scents of Madagascan Vanilla, amber wood and patchouli create the ideal opposition to the Jasmine.


Cool bottle, I hear you say. (Okay, I heard myself say it…) But the design for this bottle is actually very important, the bow is an homage to the first Estée Lauder fragrance Youth Dew way back in 1953. So apt that fifties years later, the new -modern and updated- Estée girl can have her scent, too.

The campaign is modeled by Arizona Muse (apparently it was named before they chose the model, but what a happy coincidence) (we love her) – watch the making of the campaign below, AKA wonder what it would be like to be the real Modern Muse, Arizona.

The scent launches today!

Estée Lauder Modern Muse eau de parfum 30ml, £44

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau

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