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Pop Girls Takeover Moodboard: Elli Ingram

Continuing our week of lauding the brightest lasses currently operating in the realm of pop music, we present to you here for your visual delight, a guide to what makes frighteningly young – she’s only 19, folks – diva, Elli Ingram, tick. Elli knocked us for six earlier this year with her debut EP, Sober, earlier this year; it featured a lethal one-two punch in the form of ‘Sober‘ and ‘Mad Love‘, and she even went so far as to cover Kendrick Lamar‘s ‘Poetic Justice‘ – what’s more, it worked too!

Below, you can stream Elli’s Sober EP in full. Head over to her website for a free download of it, too.

Jack Daniels

“This is my fuel… Studio-wise anyway! It has seen me through many a session and is definitely my drink of choice.”

The Trumpet

“If I’m addicted to anything, it’s the sound of a trumpet. I could spend the rest of my life listening to its beautiful sound and creating along side it.”

Amy WinehouseFrank

“This album has inspired me greatly and will continue to do so. Frank is definitely a classic and will remain on my playlist forever. RIP Amy.”


“My hometown, born & bred. I will forever be thankful for growing up by the sea. Brighton has everything and has shaped who I am today.”

Felix, Aston and Rob – My Team/Family

“Without these three I would never have got to where I am today. They have taught me more than I ever learnt at school and I can’t thank them enough.”

Beyoncé – ‘End of Time’

“Whenever I’m down, this song is an instant pick-me-up. I can’t help but jump up and dance when this comes on. Nothing like pretending to be Beyoncé!”


“The piano is where I do the majority of my writing. It’s such a beautiful instrument and I love getting lost in its sound.”


“This is another obsession of mine. Without a decent pair of soles I wouldn’t be able to get from A to B!”

- Alex Cull

Elli Ingram’s Sober EP is available now for a free download over at her website.

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