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Toddla T / Roses Gabor track powered by social media

The release of Toddla T and Roses Gabor’s collaborative track Pandora’s Box was powered through social media interaction, with Facebook likes and Twitter communication unveiling more of the song.

Created as part of the Bacardi Beginnings series on pushing the boundaries of the way music is released, Pandora’s Box‘s unveiling is wholly dependent on social media if it is to be ever heard. Last month Rudimental and Bipolar Sunshine wrote, recorded and released a song in just 24 hours for Bacardi Beginnings.

A remix competition of Pandora’s Box will begin once the track has been completely unlocked , with Toddla T and Roses Gabor (who appeared in issue #61 of Notion) choosing the winner themselves. The producer of the winning remix will not only receive a production masterclass by Toddla T and new remix software but will also have their track played at the next Bacardi Beginnings event.

Toddla T, now established as a top producer, DJ and remixer, will compliment the emerging Roses Gabor perfectly. One of the hottest London underground vocalists, Gabor has worked with Gorillaz and is quickly emerging into the mainstream. PlanetNotion spoke to Roses Gabor about working with Toddla T:

Planet Notion: How did you two get together for BACARDI Beginnings?

Toddla T: I’ve known Roses for a couple of years now. We met whilst I was producing for Roots Manuva back in 2009 – she was invited down to do some vocals on one of their tracks. When I met her I thought she was totally wicked. Since then we’ve kept in contact, and I’ve seen her career accelerate. Then when I was asked to do this, she just stuck out in my mind straight away; she could be someone who will be really big in the future, not only that, she’s a great person to work with.

Roses Gabor: BACARDI Beginnings asked Toddla if there was anyone he was excitedabout that he would like to Mentor. He asked me. I said “OF COURSE!”. and so it began…

PN: What are you most excited about with this event?

Toddla T: To be honest, and this might seem a bit obvious, but to be able to go into the studio with someone like Roses who I rate highly already, concentrate for 2-3 days was really appealing. It’s easier said than done because everyone’s’ so busy. So the opportunity to say ‘right we have to do this, we’ve got to make a tune for Bacardi, we’ve got to make it really good because loads of people are going to hear it and remix it’ – It was just good to have some disciplined time with Roses to have to make a record and we think it came out really well. We did 2 demos as well as the record we decided to go with, so that was really exciting to just sit with her and write music uninterrupted and focused. But also to get theremixes back. Every time I see one pop up on Twitter, I can’t wait to check it out; I have to check it out straight away. So the excitement continues!

Roses Gabor: Im really excited to see how the fans take our work and Remix it.

PN:  What’s the best qualities that each of you bring to the collaboration?

Toddla T: Roses is an amazing writer. The way she works is pretty special; she can just hear a song, then she hums the melody and then puts words to it. If she hasn’t got the melody straight away, then both of us would just move on. There is spontaneity to how she works. And I’m quite like that as well. If I’m not feeling something within the first 5-10 mins I move on. So once we got on a similar vibe, it ran really quick and easy. Her melodic vibe to my production is why we make the music that we do. Especially for the record we made, I’m really happy with it.

Roses Gabor: Toddla’s best quality I think is his openness to experiment…

Have either of you heard fan remixes of your tracks in the past?

Toddla T: It’s funny really – she did a record called Stars that I helped release that Redlight produced, and someone did a remix of it off their own back and it was really really good. We actually considered releasing it, but didn’t in the end.

As far as my own stuff, people do it all the time. It’s always interesting and fun. I don’t mind. Some people get a bit shirty about other people doing unofficial remixes. I don’t mind, I think it’s fun. Once music is out there, people should be able to do what they want with it to a certain extent. With Soundcloud generation, it’s easy for someone to take something and put it straight on and we can hear it.

Roses Gabor: I have. It’s very very interesting to see how they felt the song should go …. really cool.

PN: What will you be looking for in the remix competition?

Toddla T: Just good quality, high standard, something really original, that as soon as I hear it, I just think wow. But saying that, a good remix doesn’t necessarily have to be really out there, it can be something really simple and that’s in its genius. I think with listening to records and promos, remixes in general, you generally know within the first 5-10 seconds if you’re going to be into it. And I think that’s the thing with any music, it’s got to be original and exciting. What excites me is if someone is doing something on their own tip and no one else is really doing what they’re doing. I guess that applies to this competition as well.

Roses Gabor: I’ll be feeling my way through them. When a fan remixes your work, they LOVE it, but they definitely want you to love it too. I guess the same as when I make music and share it. If anything I’ll be looking for the “feeling”.

PN: Are there any plans to work together in the future?

Toddla T: Definitely! She’s often round my studio, she lives near me, I see her at raves. We’ll definitely work together more; whether it’s as Roses Gabor or Toddla T feat Roses Gabor, or Roses writing for some of the artists that I’m producing in the future. There’s no doubt about it we’ll work more together 100%.

Roses Gabor: Definitely!

You can download the stems to remix the track here – competition closes 27th September.

- Luke Langlands

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