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New Video Alert: Charli XCX – ‘SuperLove’

Notion is, it’s safe to say, pretty massive fans of the fantastic Miss Charli XCX. We gave her her first UK magazine cover; Our Ed Michael Lewin raved over her debut album, heck even our very own Alexis Knox got involved with her styling. That’s cos she’s our kinda gal. That debut record still receives regular play on the notoriously-difficult-to-satisfy Notion stereo, so when we heard the word about a new single, we got VERY excited. And rightly so – ‘SuperLove’ is nothing short of pop gold, all ’90s throwback, singalonga-lyrics and epic chorus, it’s the kind of track that should see the fabulous Miss XCX reach the superstardom she deserves. The Tokyo-set video ain’t half bad either – check it out below and like, share and love. That’s what we’ll be doing.

- Seb Law

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