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Stream: Frederic Mercier – ‘Spirit’

At the beginning of this week, as at the beginning of most weeks, a torrent of records flood from the postbags at Notion and are distributed among the team. We get everything from hardcore post-rock to flyweight folk; the mainest of mainstream rubbish to the obscurest Hungarian reissues. It is literally a mixed bag, but sometimes there comes a record that really gets our juices flowing. In the case of new compilation ‘Cosmic Machine’, it was barely after the envelope opened that I got excited. I mean, ‘Cosmic Machine’! What a title. ‘A Voyage Through French Cosmic and Electronic Avant-garde (1970-1980)’) is the subtitle. By now, you can imagine my pupils dilating. Anyway, before I fill your mind with anything more ridiculous, here’s a taster of what the album is all about – the spaciest, most ridiculously overblown tunes from the dawn of synth. This is the late 1970s genesis of electronic music; it’s a bit like an aural version of Tomorrow’s World (back in the day), or early sci-fi programmes. I won’t lie, it’s not the easiest listen, but it’s definitely worth mining. Expect a full review (and possibly more OTT posts/tweets/reviews) in the coming weeks, but for now, here’s one of the tracks: Frederic Mercier’s ‘Spirit’. Enjoy…

- Seb Law

Cosmic Machine is out October 14th on Because Music

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