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Moodboard: Mickey Lightfoot

London’s Mickey Lightfoot – real name: Osei Amponsa – has the sort of mind we just love to get inside of. He’s a physiology and pharmacology graduate, an alumnus of the Red Bull Music Academy and, oh, he just happens to have a flow that’s tighter than Putin’s lips. Amponsa’s latest EP as Mickey Lightfoot, To Kill A Flockin Bird, sees him throwing genres around with a Pollock-like intensity; splashing them around left, right and centre, allowing them to take daring new forms that fuse future-garage, traditional African sounds and purposeful hip-hop. 

You’ll have to wait until next week to hear the EP in full, but in the meantime have a look at this clip for ‘L.O.S.T’ featuring Darq E Freaker:

1. Birds

“My mini-love for birds includes both the flying wonders as well as the beautiful humans associated with the slang term which was originally coined by cockneys to mean a woman. They both indicate freedom to me in their own special ways.”

2. Fela Kuti

“In summary, he’s a musical genius and an African social activist whose music has awakened the consciousness of many. I can put on his music for hours and hours.”

3. André 3000

“The most underrated, yet the best, rapper alive in my strong opinion.”

4. Ashton Court Festival

“A festival held in Bristol (my home from home), one of the country’s most forward-thinking and progressive cities. This was one of the first festivals I ever attended, getting lost in the music with friends was a priceless experience for me.”

5. DJ EZ

“Somehow due to my older brother, I was always able to get into the old garage parties, and boy am I thankful for that. Having great tracks like ‘Little Man‘ and ‘Gabriel‘ (produced by Wookie and Roy Davis Jr respectively) mixed by DJ EZ is an experience I highly recommend.”

6. Death

“If you know, you know! A band way ahead of their time.”

7. Early Timbaland

“He is just an incredible producer. His early works are complete masterpieces.”

8. Streetwear Bloggers

“Being the grandson of a tailor and the child of a seamstress/sample machinist, I’m guessing it’s quite natural that I’d have an affinity for street fashion and its photography. Sites like The Sartorialist, Stockholm Street Style and Individualism capture this very well.”

9. South London

“South London makes up a massive part of who I am. I was brought up in Brockley, I went to school in New Cross and all our family shopping was done in either Peckham or Brixton. The funny thing is all these places are hip now. I guess it’s a good job my dad owns his home now.”

10. DIY

“Everything I do, from the music I make to the clothing I wear, they all follow in some format the philosophy of Do It Your (damn) Self. I like the challenges it presents. I also like making something from nothing. The last two things I made were a custom shirt and a coffee table made from pallets.”

11. Peanut Soup and Jollof rice

“My two favourite Ghanaian dishes in the whole wide world!”

12. Salvador Dalí

“His ability to mess with your perception is to forever be applauded.”

- Alex Cull

For more info on Mickey Lightfoot, head on over to his website.

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