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Rosie Lowe unveils Kwes & Dave Okumu-produced debut EP

We’ve a bit of a Tuesday treat for you here. Devon-bred and now London-based vocalist Rosie Lowe has announced plans for a debut EP, Right Thing, to see release this December on 37 Adventures. Lowe, who up until this point is perhaps best known for her beguiling guest spot on Lil Silva‘s ‘No Doubt‘ earlier this year, has teamed up with both Kwes and Dave Okumu of The Invisible behind the boards for the EP.

If that who’s who of talent isn’t enough to get you excited then feast your ears on ‘Me & Your Ghost’ below. Rising from a series of mesmerising vocal loops, the track eventually gives way to sleeper piano chords, choppy beats and, of course, Lowe’s entrancing, sultry voice.

Lowe is set to play a headline show in support of the EP at Dalston’s Birthdays on Dec 3. Tickets are available here.

- Alex Cull

Right Thing is available from December 2 on 37 Adventures.

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