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Video Premiere: Psymon Spine – ‘Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels’

It’s all taking off in the world of Psymon Spine: a side project formed by Karate‘s Noah Prebish and college friend Peter Spears. On top of signing with London’s Enfer Records, the duo have caught the eye of Parisian imprint Kitsuné who on hearing the pair’s remix of Is Tropical‘s ‘Dancing Anymore‘ declared it their favourite version of the track. Now, with a debut joint EP with Karate just around the corner, the recently expanded five-piece have unveiled the video for the record’s lead track: the percolating, aquatic ‘Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels’.

Based around Bukowski’s Bluebirds, the track’s accompanying clip perfectly illuminates the organic, au naturel beauty at the heart of ‘Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels’. For every bubbling synth line crafted by the group, a stone is skipped across an idyllic lake; for every murmured, muted vocal, a regrettable word is whispered in a lover’s ear. It’s all about being young, in love and wildly free: something you can’t help but envy peering out a London office window on a grey, overcast afternoon.

- Alex Cull

Psymon Spine & Karate’s joint EP is available from Oct 21 on Enfer Records.

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  • Chris October 10th, 2013 8:54 pm

    This is awesome! Psymon Spine is the next big thing!

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