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BEAUTIFY: The candle obsession continues

Perhaps we can blame the fact that they have become a staple on all fashion blogs, but candles – and especially those from Diptyque Paris – have become one of the most coveted things around. So much so that blowing £40 on a candle seems the done thing, because, well, it’s Diptyque.


And although we may all go ‘forty pounds! I could live the high life for the weekend off that’ the truth is we all do buy these candles. Why? To Instagram them, to tell everyone we actually got one? Um, yeah but also because they smell damn good and last forever (I’ve had mine since July and burn it almost everyday and it’s still only just past half way through).

That’s why I couldn’t wait to share my excitement when new autumn scents were announced. They came in the form of Genevrier, a woody smell (akin to Feu de Bois) and Noisetier, a more fruity take on the new season.  And let’s be honest, we all feel like cosying up by a warm fire today, but since we don’t have that luxury I’ll be snug in bed enjoying the smell and look of my new Diptyque.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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