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BOTW Moodboard: Frankie Rose

On the back of her momentous, crystalline second album, Herein Wild, Brooklyn’s Frankie Rose takes on a visual tour of the things that inspire her – from sci-fi visionaries to lo-fi filmmakers.

If there’s one common link you can draw between Rose’s last two solo albums, it’s exploration. Whether that be in the grand, cosmic scheme of things (Interstellar) or the dark, dusty corners of the the mind (Herein Wild), what seems to sustain the Brooklynite is her drive to uncover new terrain; to learn more about both herself and the world. It’s unsurprising then to see that in her moodboard, the former Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls member cites a combination of futuristic and archaic inspirations. After all, how can you leap headlong into the future without a solid understanding of the past.

But, before we delve any further into Frankie’s moodboard, here’s Herein Wild highlight ‘Street of Dreams’, should your journey need a soundtrack:

George & Mike Kuchar
“The Kuchar Brothers made incredible films. They weren’t afraid to push the limits and do whatever they wanted to.”

Kate Bush – ‘Deeper Understanding’

“I love the lyrics in this Kate Bush song: still relevant today.”

Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick was a visionary. I love this picture because it’s an android version of his head and it seems like it could be a scene right out of one of his novels.”

Man Ray
“This Man Ray photo is beautiful. It could be an album cover.”

Woody Allen – The Universe is Expanding

“The universe is expanding. We are all going to die. Do what you want.”

The Universe to Scale.
“We are like a microbe on the flea of a dog.” [Click on the link above to play the flash game.]

Mikhail BulgakovThe Master and Margarita
“The devil shows up in Moscow. An incredible book.”

Arvo Pärt Meets Björk

“Arvo Pärt speaking with Björk. I particularly like what he says about space.”

Peter Gabriel on the Fairlight CMI

“Peter Gabriel shows us about these cool new things called synthesizers.”

- Alex Cull
Header Image: Sebastian Mlynarski

Herein Wild is available now on Fat Possum. You can buy it here on physical formats, or here on iTunes.

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