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Guest Playlist: Wild Swim

Cinematic is a word thrown around far too much these days when it comes to describing music. In the case of Oxford’s Wild Swim, however, it feels entirely apt. The five-piece – whose latest single ‘New Dawn‘ is out on Monday via Almanac Recordings – dabble in those late-night moments of desperation and despondency when hands are clasped and prayers let out into the evening air. Each of their three singles to date could easily have fit behind a handful of classic Clark Gable or Humphrey Bogart moments.

Aspiring filmmakers and soundtrackers that we are, we knew we just had to learn how to make such wonderful sounds so we asked the Wild Swim boys to walk us through a guide to the tunes inspiring their work on an as-of-yet untitled debut album, due next year. But first, here’s ‘New Dawn’ in all its yearning, sleepwalker beauty:

1. The Knife – ‘Raging Lung’

“Scandinavian influences have been seeping into our music a lot more recently, and this track in particular paints an image of the Nordic landscape that has become really appealing to us.”

2. Antony & the Johnsons – ‘Cut the World’

“The orchestral arrangements throughout this album are brilliant, and something we’d love to explore more of in our own music. The video for this song in particular is also really striking.”

3. Aphex Twin – ‘IZ-US’

“This song is an old friend, but the broken up breakbeat helped us to formulate one of the new songs that we are working on for the forthcoming album.”

4. Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep’

“There’s a warmth and optimism in this song that is really refreshing, as well as the nursery rhyme quality of the melody.”

5. Luke Abbott – ‘Modern Driveway’

“This song is a total blissjob. It has a consistency that never gets tiring and a through-line that takes you by the hand across a dreamy landscape of soft peaks and troughs.”

6. Björk – ‘Army of Me’

“Richard, our singer, made a loop from the instrumental beginning of this and used it to inspire new melodies for a song that we’ve been working on recently.”

7. Andy Stott – ‘Luxury Problems’

“The darker side of techno’s grooves have played their part in influencing some of the beats on the new album, and have taught us to be groovy without being funky.”

8. Daniel Rossen – ‘Waterfall’

“A cover of Judee Sill; this song shows a more folk-influenced side to both Daniel Rossen and Grizzly Bear’s music.”

9. Clark – ‘The Pining, Pt. 1′

“We love the fusion of the acoustic and the electronic in this song, as well as the energy created by the unusual time signature.”

10. Radiohead – ‘Staircase’ (Live from the Basement)

“There’s an incredible subtlety to the melody of this song, especially when combined with the expansive pad, shuffling groove, and rhythmic, angular guitar patterns.”

- Alex Cull

Wild Swim’s new single, ‘New Dawn’, is available from October 21 on Almanac Recordings.

The band play a free headline show at the Shacklewell Arms this Tuesday (October 22). To get your free tickets head here. Did we mention they’re free?

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