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In Focus: Brit Rhythm Rules!

It’s easy to forget as residents of this sceptre isle, that we make or are the origin of practically all brilliant music. Britain sets the trends, has the infrastructure to birth and nurture young, exciting talent and the network of enthusiasts to support new bands. And what’s more, we’re pretty good about it. But being British, we’re not so good at shouting about it (we’re not savages *just* yet) – that’s where our mates at Burberry and Noisey come in – they’ve launched a rather exciting project called Sound and Rhythm that aims to document the six British music artists who are getting ready for their performances. The project is served up in the form of a very 20st Century multimedia tumblr, and aims to tell great stories as well as celebrate music stars past & present. It’s not about flag-waving, but rather supporting artists and getting their work to a wider audience; after all we make some brilliant tunes, now let’s get them heard. Instalment #1 follows indie band Peace as they explain what makes British crowds the best in the world. Watch and enjoy below:

For more info & regular updates, get this into your bookmarks: www.soundandrhythm.tumblr.com

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