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Exclusive Mix: Mr. C – The End Classics

In the build up to Red Bulls’ Revolutions In Sound – bringing 30 of the most legendary UK club nights of past and present together for one landmark night – tech-house aficionado, Mr.C, pays homage to ‘The End’, picking out some of the best tracks from the club’s heritage. To fully comprehend the sparse legacy that encapsulates the sound of Mr. C (think Scottish psychedelic outfit The Shamen), you’re bound to end up at, well, The End – an electronic music club in London’s West End with a mindset constantly advocating underground club culture. The End also ran their own record label, releasing tracks by DJ Sneak, Robert Owens, Layo & Bushwacka and Mr. C himself, with the latter two featuring on a mix that will leave you yearning the 1990s club scene. Take a listen below:

Full Tracklisting:

Deep South – Layo & Bushwacka!
Good Advice – Charles Webster
Too Late – Impossible Beings
Naughty But Nice – Bushwacka!
My Tiger Is Ravenous -  Tone Theory
Babes From Bahia (Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes Remix) – Rio Funk
Welcome To The 21st Century – Tigerhook Corp
Bump In The Night – Colfax
Greasy Kittens-  Impossible Beings
You’re A Freak – Mr. C
Blue Hour – Killer Loop
Someone (Juan Atkins Remix) – Killer Loop

- James Embiricos

Red Bull Revolutions in Sound returns to the EDF Energy London Eye on 14th November

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