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Track Premiere: Aiden – ‘Fire and Ice’

Aiden‘s back! The former X-Factor finalist and Notion 058 cover star has his gaze firmly fixed on living up to the original title of his forthcoming Better Man EP. Sure, the record may have since been renamed simply to Aiden, but that initial titular promise of self-improvement still rings true: this is the most refreshed and vital we’ve ever heard the Blackpool-born singer. While we’ve already been treated to the tumultuous ‘Satisfy Me‘ and ‘The Cleaner”s jittery disco, it’s on the EP’s opening track, ‘Fire and Ice’, that Mr. Grimshaw really caught us hook, line and sinker once again.

Opening on an 8-bit synth shuffle rich in foreboding, it gradually blossoms into wave after wave of rolling calypso-tinged choruses with Grimshaw letting rip in his trademark cascading falsetto, “You and I go together like fire and ice.” It’s that mix of heated intensity and downtown nonchalance that ‘Fire and Ice’ pulls off with such aplomb. We’d love to think that Grimshaw perhaps drew inspiration from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and while the connection might be a little strenuous, the similarities are there to behold: both are impossible to put down, rich in drama and with an unpredictable streak that’ll draw you in time and time again.

 - Alex Cull

The Aiden EP is available from November 26. 

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