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5 Reasons We Would Have Arcade Fire Host Our Party

Arcade Fire performed two sold out shows at the Roundhouse last week, and under the guise, The Reflektors, we found a new band who have evolved a lot since the release of The Suburbs in 2009.

Here’s 5 reasons we would have Arcade Fire host our party!

1) The Canadian’s have a sense of humour: Prior to the bands latest release they came across as a serious bunch, this time around they let their hair down and put some party hats on. Not only did they give a mandatory dress code of ‘formal attire or costume’ for the attendees, they weren’t even sorry about it! The band dressed up too, Win arrived on-stage with a mirror ball mask and Regine had an eighties perm! They even decorated the Roundhouse with fairy lights, disco balls and the walls were draped with shiny tassels.


2) Breaking the Barrier between rock stars and fans: Arcade Fire have always been a band who like to break down the barrier between rock stars and fans, and this show was no different. Whilst fans arrived in their dinner suits and party frocks, Win greeted them by performing current single, ‘Reflektor’, in a mask with a mariachi band. Who else would do that?

3) The band are still extremely grounded and don’t take anything for granted: They’ll be the ones to bring both red and white wine, to suit everybody’s tastes! Despite being festival headliners and selling out arenas, they still seem bemused about their success and grateful to have fans. Rather than being overly modest about topping the charts with their fourth record, they are almost embarrassed by it.

4) Dancing! If this was an all-nighter then Reflektor will see you through till sunrise with its new danceable tone, a gift from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy who has slowed the band down a couple of gears. They have fans that CAN dance. During ‘We Exist’ the crowd dove into a choreographed routine, like 2013′s ‘Oops Upside Your Head’.

5) Arcade Fire LOVE English punk: Not only did they invite the legendary Don Lett’s DJ before and after the gigs, they also covered ‘Bored Of The USA’ by The Clash. They can take on any challenge and they know their stuff. When you’re at that drunk stage where karaoke is a MUST, they have the song book to cover everything you sing in your hazy head!


The Reflektors Roundhouse takeover was the party you want to relive again and again, proving you don’t need a bottle of Lambrini to create a fun vibe.

- Matt Pinder

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