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BEAUTIFY: Skincare For City Girls

It’s a hard life for a city girl’s skin. Pollution, air-con and a weekend diet of cocktails can all add up, leaving us with a dull, puffy and not-so-desirable epidermis. Enter, Sampar: your new skincare BFF. The pioneer of urban skincare, Sampar’s products all aim to reset and reactivate the skin’s natural healing actions, leaving us looking less ropey and more radiant!

First on our list of most covetable Sampar must-haves is undoubtably The Glamour Shot, £34. Blurring the lines between make-up and skincare, The Glamour Shot is dubbed as the ‘first transparent foundation’. Used over your daily moisturiser, this handy makeup must-have blurs fine lines, visible pores and uneven skin tone. After one month’s use, women found that their overall skin tone was corrected, wrinkles smoothed out and complexion mattified. Winner!

sampar foam peel glamour shot

Late nights and early starts are one thing, but there’s nothing like a city commute to ultimately test matte make-up staying power. What’s more irritating than a perfect base of make-up ruined by an oily t-zone? Answer, nada. But thanks to the Glamour Shot Matte Perfection Concealer £26 you can now say goodbye to that unwanted shine. Combatting excess sebum like no other, and with a 6-hour non stop matte finish, there’s no need for touch ups – letting you get on with your day.

And to round up your evening? Try the The Equalizing Foam Peel £48 , our number one exfoliating skin saviour. With a divine smelling combination of lavender, geranium and sage, this little 3-in-1 beauty is applied as a mask, purifies as a peel and rises away like a cleaner. We’re always a big fan of a multi-tasker, especially one that takes minimal effort to use. Perfect for a two minute treatment, leaving our skin super soft, radiant and gorgeously luminous – it’s like a mini facial in a tube! Obsessed.



Words: Chloe Burcham @chloeburcham

Photography: Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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