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BOTW Moodboard: Ariana and the Rose

Earlier this week when we first introduced you to our BOTW, New York’s Ariana & the Rose, we told you about how the vixen-voiced Ariana DiLorenzo was a lady of many talents; be that acting, fashion or, obviously, music. Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that Ariana’s moodboard sees all three themes occurring repeatedly; here, whether she’s lusting after the thrill of the stage, raving about her fashion idols – Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kate Moss, Carrie Bradshaw (duh) – or citing Alanis Morissette‘s Jagged Little Pill as a pivotal influence, the nascent New Yorker’s enthusiasm for all aspects of performance is clear to behold.

But first, for one last time this week, remind yourself of the crystalline pop brilliance that first introduced us to Ariana, ‘Heartbeat’: 

1. New York City
“No city makes me feel more insignificant and more loved. It’s at the centre of what inspires me.”

2. Sex and the City
“Which is really just an extension of my love for New York. I love the idea of living this crazy messy life in the most fabulous clothes. Generally, in heels.”

3 & 4. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
“I’m just fascinated by the whole Gainsbourg family and how they embody Paris, simply in the way they carry themselves. So much style and talent in one family.”

5. Traveling
“Learning about a new culture, language, food. I love it.”

6. Theatre
“I love reading plays and seeing live theatre. I’m inspired by the stories, the interactions and the endurance of the actors.”

7. Kate Moss

8. My Mother
“She’s inspired my drive and taught me to speak up and fight for what I want. Plus her hair is pretty amazing in this photo.”

9. Jagged Little Pill
“Because, who doesn’t love Alanis Morissette? This album made me want to write music.”

10. London
“It wasn’t until I started writing and working in London that I felt I was really making the music I wanted to make. It’s my home away from home.”

- Alex Cull

Ariana’s debut single ‘Heartbeat’ is available now, with the Head Vs Heart EP to follow in February 2014.

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