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Maison Twenty is Doing it for Themselves

Maison Twenty, a new Pop-Up shop finds a home during mid-December on London’s Whitecross street. Maison Twenty is doing it for themselves, and we couldn’t be happier about it. 20 artists each season are chosen to create an original piece of art to be produced on an everyday t-shirt. Original artworks will be on display and available to buy alongside the prints of the artworks on luxe printed T’s, Xmas cards, postcards and prints. Artists that can be found within the ingenious shop include, Ben Levy, and Dannielle Hodson. I know what your thinking.  Your thinking, how can I afford art, when I bought 20 cherry flavoured shots for the entire bar last weekend. Have no fear, my fun loving friends, Maison Twenty has got something for every budget and every taste. Hand made cards start at just £4. So, shots for everyone! Check out some of the creativity happenings over at Maison Twenty:



- Caroline Murphy

Maison Twenty is located at: 173 Whitecross Street – London, EC1Y 8JT

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