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Go ‘Into The Valley’ with PMR Records

PMR Record’s new film, ‘Into The Valley’ follows artists Jessie Ware, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore on their journeys to their first ever Coachella debuts. The film shows the artists and the PMR team in their many Coachella enthused adventures.

‘Into The Valley’ is not just another concert documentary. So don’t even think that, just don’t, I’m serious. ‘Into The Valley’ is a bass pumping, exclusive, hilarious (at times), romp of a film. It doesn’t hurt that it covers some of our favorite artists and people. The live performance footage is sprinkled with visions of food poisoning, album leaks, and quality friend-family time. The film goes down like a mimosa – sweet, but with that extra special kick to wake you up. Pack your bags, make that single a double, don’t forget the sunscreen, because we’re going to Coachella:

- Caroline Murphy

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