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Talent Emerging: Wreck London

While your average 17-year old sits on Tumblr re-blogging (just a broad guestimate), George Gigney and a few of his close friends are carefully investing their time into Wreck London Clothing; an independent brand that set out this year to launch a capsule T-shirt collection inspired by historical imagery and architecture. What began as a venture between like-minded peers has turned into a label synonymous with the street style aesthetic that London is renowned for. Each digital printed T-shirt embodies it’s own artistic reference and has become the focal point of the brand – putting a spin on the inspiration gained from notable figures and art forms that are iconic and making them somewhat unrecognizable through their abstract presentation. Luxury apparel wear is the path Wreck London Clothing is taking, ensuring quality in their clothing that embraces oversized silhouettes and a sports luxe feel; I find out just what the youthful label want to achieve with their experimental designs and how far they have come in such a short space of time.


Planet Notion: Who is behind Wreck London Clothing?
George Gigney: The founder/director is George Gigney.

PN: You reference historical art and architecture for your prints, how did this concept come about?
GG: We set out to be a streetwear brand with a difference; we wanted to create something that would set Wreck London apart from what is currently going on in streetwear. This is where the concept of creating dark but meaningful prints came from. History and architecture is everywhere so it made sense for us to use some of these influences, such as Trafalgar Square which features in one of our designs.

PN: What is Wreck London’s main aesthetic?
GG: Wreck London is a luxury streetwear brand; it has always been our aim to deliver a product that not only fits in with the original streetwear aesthetic but also delivers on quality, with the use of luxe fabrics and photo sublimation prints.

PN: As a young label, how do you meet the demands of a generation that is buying streetwear?
GG: As a youthful designer/brand it came naturally to us as we felt that we already knew what the streetwear community wants. Growing up in London where streetwear has always had a huge following and seeing how this has developed over the years has been a great insight and valuable education when it came to starting the brand. Wreck only produce garments that we would buy ourselves at the prices we would want to pay.

PN: Are there any projects that you are working on at the moment that we should look out for?
GG: We are just about to release the second part of our AW13 collection so look out for that coming soon. We are also currently working on our SS14 collection where we have included different fabrics and expanded the colour palette to create some really stand out pieces.


PN: Any particular designers/icons that inspire your work?
GG: We make it our mission to keep an eye on what is going on in fashion in general but particularly look to brands such as Black Scale and Givenchy to ensure we remain relevant and fashion forward. We are really looking forward to seeing what is on offer at the upcoming London Collections: Men.

PN: How do you separate yourselves from other UK streetwear labels?
GG: We continuously talk and engage with the youth, as well as the original streetwear aficionados. We set out to be different which is why all prints are designed in house and we have spent time searching for the right factory that can bring our motifs to life. We are aware of what is going on in fashion and like to take inspiration from other areas of fashion and put our own Wreck stamp on it.

PN: What was it like opening up a pop-up store in Camden?
GG: As the brand is still young it was a great experience. We got a lot of positive feedback and it was amazing to get to speak to people that love our stuff and what we are doing. In my opinion pop-up shops are often more about the experience than the sales. We are currently looking in to our next pop-up space, which we hope to launch early in 2014.

PN: If you could dress anyone in your tees, who would it be and why?
GG: At the moment we are really interested in what music artist are wearing, particularly Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott and Ian Connor. They all have a really different take on how they express streetwear.

PN: What’s inspiring your next collection?
GG: We’re continuing to base the collection around strong, stand-out prints but introducing brighter colours. We will also be expanding the range with some two pieces, which we are really excited about and experimenting with new fabrics.

- Hardeep Gill


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