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‘Tis the Season for… Christmas Jumpers!

Hold up, I know what you are thinking: ‘Christmas jumpers are super lame and should only be worn by that drunk uncle who spews nonsense at the telly during Doctor Who.’ And you may be right… is what I would have said if this batch of seasonal knitwear didn’t venture into my inbox this morning. November 29th sees the launch of the Topman Sibling collaboration, putting a twist on the classic jumper along with a selection of fun knitted accessories. The range consists of 10 pieces priced at £20 for the beanie, £40 for a scarf and £80 for the jumpers. Check out some of the looks below:



- James Embiricos

The SIBLING TOPMAN collaboration will be sold in the following stores; Oxford Circus and Selfridges, London; General Store, Shoreditch; Arndale, Manchester and at www.topman.com

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