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Soundchecking with… Glitches

I always imagined that being in a band would be like a 24/7 jamming session, sponsored by beer and held in your own front room. Kind of like a distorted equivalent to the ‘throw ‘em in a house and hope they all get angry/have sex’ reality show. Only, instead of trying to fuck your way to the front of gossip magazines, you spend your weekends playing gigs outside your bedroom. East London three-piece, Glitches, have wound up doing just that; swapping the conventional living room for a DIY stage, perfect to host their own gigs whenever they feel like it. In fact, the band have played a full 14 shows at their Halcyon Nights event, and I decided venture up to their flat to see how things went down. What followed was an evening full of beer, live music and an impromptu tinder date…



Before Glitches took to the stage, the band tell me about their packed live schedule, working on their new video (featuring enviable dance moves) and how they are now into the fourteenth Halcyon Nights and still find time to invite their mates over for this running event. Kudos, amirite? Meanwhile, my 4-pack of beer was decreasing faster than the newsagents supplies at Notting Hill carnival.


<3 Deaf Club <3

First up, supporting act Deaf Club took to the lager-drenched floor (my bad), brooding a shoegaze meets grunge concoction, enticing enough to lure any beer-goggled onlookers. Our lovestruck photographer described Death Club vocalist as a ‘female Kurt Cobain’ and for the sake of playing cupid, I think we can let that comparison stand.


Rock Face

Then it was time for Glitches… Suddenly the attendance levels had gone ‘from slightly awkward to scale the dancefloor’ to ‘good luck finding somewhere to stand’. And like any good house party, trying to get to the toilet was an prolonged round of waiting for a piss chit-chat, involving one too many drunken declarations. But we will get to that later…


‘Put yo hands in the air’

One of the many snapshots (see: photo gallery below) of Robbie pulling ridiculous faces mid-chorus. I guess there is nothing like advanced choreography lessons to get your stage presence in full motion.

I don’t even…

As the night progressed and alcohol levels reached, let’s say, the more bizarre realms of intoxication, Ryan Phillips spun his shit and these delightful girls decided that frolicking on the floor was way better than vertical gyration.



What’s more awkward than meeting up with someone you met on a mobile dating application? Bumping into them IRL with no pre-arrangements. Anyway, after introducing myself as that guy from tinder, we continued to have a prolonged conversation from other ends of the room via that same dating sight that brought us together. Who said romance was dead?

Here’s a bunch of other photos capturing our night with Glitches:

- James Embiricos

- Photos courtesy of robzpix

The band are playing a 3 night residency at The Bunker in Dalston on the 4th, 5th and 6th December. You can grab tickets here.


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