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BEAUTIFY: How To Cleanse

It seems like an obvious answer: wash your face, take your make up off. And whilst those are certainly part of a modern cleansing routine- there’s also so much more to know. Cleansers by nature are made to melt your make up and um, cleanse your face of all the dirt it’s picked up throughout the day. But did you know you should wash your face afterwards too? ‘Cleansing’ itself normally comes as part of a three step routine: cleanse, tone and moisturise. But we’re hovering a bit longer over the cleansing section: which cleansers are good for what skin?

clinique neroli avene cleanser

What’s important to remember in skincare is that no matter what product you’re using (serum, cream, face wash…) it’s important to change it up every once in a while. Skin adapts almost too well to the ingredients used in products- so by switching what you use you’re making your skin work a bit harder. Don’t let it get lazy. A cleanser that I use everyday is Clinique’s Redness Solutions soothing cleanser that is so soft on the skin and leaves the skin so moisturised that a cream after is optional. Great for my super sensitive skin that flares up in the winter. Plus it’s a great price for such a great products, only £17.

Cleansing 6

Another favourite is from French brand Avène (I grew up in Paris using all the Avène products, and am still an addict). The Gentle Milk Cleanser does an equally good job as the Clinique, and is gentle enough to apply twice if you feel your foundation still hasn’t come off completely. This also has the great price of £11.50 for 200ml bottle.

A new cleanser on the block, however, is Estelle & Thild’s Cleansing Gel Neroli. The brand comes from a Stockholm skincare specialist and is certified organic. This doesn’t just benefit your skin (a normally morning routine can contain up to 200 chemicals) but also once you’ve washed them down the sink. Organic ingredients can biodegrade when they are released back into nature and thus contribute to a more sustainable future (and beauty routine!). And don’t think that ‘organic’ means ‘doesn’t work’: quite the opposite. The softness of the Neroli and the gel gave me a oil free, matte post-cleanse face.

Cleansing 4

Once you’ve cleansed, opt for a foaming cleanser such as Nivea or SkinCeuticals for a thorough pore unclogging. And if you’re wanting to go that extra mile for a deep cleanse, try Magnitone Pulsar’s Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning brush. What’s great about it is you can change the settings from soft, to exfoliate and even face massage- all the while achieving a perfectly soft and exfoliated face (no more dead skin cells). PLUS it’s on offer at the moment- 55% off meaning it’s now £58.50. 

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau


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