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Track Premiere: Crystal Bats – ‘Falling in Love’ (Paper Crows Remix)

While Crystal Bats‘ original take on ‘Falling in Love‘ saw the electro-pop duo exploring a strain of nostalgia-laced tropicalia that evoked all the romanticism of those long summer nights, with their remix the pair’s London contemporaries Paper Crows stretch the track’s nursery rhyme simplicity into all the wide-eyed optimism you’d expect from a tune built up around a mantra of, “Could this be the start of something good?”

Taking in nods to the best of mid-noughties indietronica – think The Postal Service, Phantogram, Figurine – Paper Crows’ reworking builds up from an entrancing four-to-the-floor kick into tranquil tides of lulling looped synths, pattering percussion and tinker toy instrumentation. Where it felt as though Crystal Bats were chasing those big moments of heart-on-sleeve romance that we’ve all dreamt of, Paper Crows’ idea of falling in love is more subdued, more comfortable; sure, they may not keep you out partying all hours of the night but they’ll get you up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise together, and isn’t that what we all want really?

- Alex Cull

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