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Project Zoltar, Happy 10th Birthday!

For those of you who may need some educatin’, Project Zoltar is a multi-platform creative collective better known for its own punk-infused Street wear line, Soho-based brick and mortar store and collaborations with the likes of Nike and Frank 151. Look at that, you’re all educated intelligent culture creatures, now.

Happy Birthday Project Zoltar! To celebrate their 10 years of fashion, art, and creativity, Project Zoltar has published a book. I am impressed. Zoltar the Magnificent (foreword by Jake & Dinos Chapman) marks ten years of rupturing expectations of visual culture and toasting to the possibilities of infinitely more. Cheers to that. Project Zoltar has infiltrated creative institutions over the last ten years, creating ever-changing guerrilla art showcases. This magnificent book is a gathering of all that Project Zoltar is. Project Zoltar has also provided us with a teaser of sorts. A short film that is explosive and true to the roots of Project Zoltar. Check below, for both the video and book, and get to know (if you don’t already) the genius that is Project Zoltar:

Page-4- Caroline Murphy

Purchase Zoltar the Magnificent (foreword by Jake & Dinos Chapman): here

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