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Lol, so Perf: The Totes Ridictionary

ROFL, TTYL, are you my BFFL? It’s happening. We have a new collection of knowledge to feed off of. The type of knowledge we actually need, thanks to The Totes Ridictionary. This is gorge, totes want it. The Totes Ridictionary is cray-cray, it’s chalk full of every single Twitter-esque verb, noun, adjective, EVERYTHING you need to tweet those 140 characters. This isn’t just another million paged dictionary. The Totes Ridictionary comes complete with illustrations of classic films, sections devoted to internet-addicted pets and smartphone-savvy pop art, and Twitter conversations of history and literature’s most argumentative couples. This is too good, too twitterarific. Move over Oxford, because The Totes Ridictionary is taking your spot and twerking into our hearts and minds. Get a bit of a sample inside The Totes Ridictionary below:



- Caroline Murphy

The Totes Ridictionary is available at these retailers: Urban Outfitters, Oliver Bonas, WH Smith, Waterstones, Amazon

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