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Egg your way out of a hangover

Bring on the holiday cheer, the festive season is here.

We have entered the month of christmas parties, social events, boozy catch-ups, winter wonderlands, and german markets. Wondered how you are going to get through it? So do we. We have called upon top cook, Tess Ward the host of The Oxford Supperclub, to share a few of her favorite festive anti-hangover recipes.

You might not be a catastrophic booze hound but for most it is hard to turn down free alcohol at the office party. The wine offer is likely to be a Jacobs Creek knock off, or the classic J P Chenet we endured through our uni days, so usually a hangover is inevitable. Despite the reassurance that the whole office is in it together, this is not the way to spend the whole 30 days of Christmas. What you need is a morning after fix…

Packed with N-acetyl-cysteine* (or anti hangover proteins to us non-science majors) eggs are known to have great hangover benefits. Sadly pitching up a gas stove on your desk, for a quick fry-up, might not go down to well with the boss man. So I have come up with a few other options that are safe, for most workplaces and anyone mildly competent. Myself included…



* an amino acid that slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream and speeds up substance breakdown in the liver.

These are my three top egg recipes and cooking tips you can make at work.

Boiled Egg in a Kettle

(Serves 1)

Tip: Prop up the kettle so it tilts forward. This is so that when the eggs are boiling they don’t accidentally hit the heating element.

Put two eggs in the bottom of the kettle.

Four eggs are the maximum amount. – Don’t overfill it.

Cover the eggs in cold water and turn on the switch. Bring the kettle to the boil and leave the eggs in the hot water for 7-8 minutes, depending on the size of the egg.

Carefully pour the hot water out of the kettle. Don’t put your hands inside it!

If you are feeling really resourceful, a round sellotape makes a nice egg cup

Microwaved Egg Mcmuffin

(Serves 1)

Spray a ceramic (microwavable) mug with cooking spray.

Crack one egg in the cup. Cover with clingfilm.

Microwave on high heat for 40 seconds. Leave it to rest for a minute or two and it will carry on cooking.

Serve sandwiched in a toasted muffin, or between two slices of buttered toast.

Bain Marie Scrambled Eggs – Over the hot water tank

(Serves 1)

To do this make sure you have a bowl/plate that is big enough to fit over the hot water tank in your office kitchen.

Crack two eggs into to large bowl and add a dash of milk, salt and pepper.

Remove the lid from the water tank and place the bowl over the top. (It helps to make sure the tank is on)

Use a wooden spoon and stir the egg mixture as it slowly cooks. Keep cooking the eggs, stirring as you go until you reach your desired texture.

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